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X11 – How to display remote clients (such as firefox, installation screen) with the X Server. X11 – Xterm · X11 – Cygwin/X · X11 – DISPLAY (environment variable) · Linux – Enable. Start a X server on your machine for instance X11 – Cygwin/X.

XQuartz and (apparently) incorrectly set DISPLAY variables. – Since reinstalling XQuartz I have been able to open XQuartz, then open an xterm through XQuartz and subsequently open simple X programs like xeyes locally. However, even through xterm I cannot get my remote machine to forward to my Mac (still can’t find a display). I’m at a complete loss.

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Customise Macos XQuartz : xinitrc doesn't work – Chris F Carroll – If you installed XQuartz and are, for instance, irritated by the small white xterm window you get, you might try customising it in the usual way by editting an .xinitrc file. If only. Instead, try this: defaults read org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 to see all the settings; or to permanently change the startup xterm window, something like:

To rule out any inkscape behaviour, try making sure that X11.app is not running, then run xterm from within a Terminal window. Does XQuartz start up? If not, could you list the resulting lines in /var/log/system.log? And what is the output of pkgutil –pkg-info org.macosforge.xquartz.pkg? – Harald Hanche-Olsen Jun 2 ’12 at 18:31

However, I often run XQuartz and use several xterms. These are run from TWM. Before Catalina I would be able to run ls, cd, vi, and other shell commands from within an xterm, even on the Desktop and Documents folder. I have added XQuartz to the list of apps for Full Disk Access in the Preferences. That doesn’t fix the problem.

For some reason I can’t get unicode fonts to work inside of xterm when I start it from the xquartz applications tab as shown below: I have tried setting the command to xterm -u8 but the font.

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command line – How to change the default font size of XTerm. – This informs xterm to use the ‘fixed’ font at size 18. From here, you can either restart X or run xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources in a terminal to incorporate the changes you’ve made. All new xterms should now have the font change. If you run man xterm and go down to the RESOURCES section, you can find a wealth of additional, configurable xterm options.

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