How Often Replace Quartz Sleeve

Instructional videos that demonstrates Germicidal UV Lamp and Quartz Sleeve removal and replacement for ultraviolet purification and disinfection equipment Call 1-631-273-0500, Monday – Friday, 7am to 6pm EST,

Polaris QS32- 32W Replacement Quartz Sleeve- 8 GPM Sale $16.73 – The Polaris QS32- 32W Replacement Quartz Sleeve- 8 GPM is a replacement quartz sleeve for the polaris uv-8c ultraviolet water filtration system. This UV quartz sleeve protects the UV bulb and ensures that it releases strong UV rays to purify water. This polaris quartz sleeve is a genuine polaris replacement part.

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Remove the lamp/sleeve assembly along with the sleeve bolt from the chamber. Unscrew the UV lamp by holding the sleeve bolt. Unscrew the sleeve bolt and remove o-rings from the quartz sleeve. Clean or replace the quartz sleeve. To clean, use a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar or some other mild acid. Rinse with water.

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How do UV filters for ponds work?. Any small rocks being sucked up by the pump and transported to the uv light can harm the quartz sleeve around the bulb.. Do I need to replace the bulb once in a while? Yes, a uv bulb is said to lose its efficiency after about 9000 hrs. of use. Practically this means that they should be replaced yearly.

How Often Replace Quartz Sleeve Quartz With Tourmaline When & How to change your Pond UVC Bulb and Quartz Sleeve | Blog – Quartz sleeves can be found inside all UV units to protect the bulb. Quartz is water resistant but it can crack. If water enters the UV unit it will cause a short circuit and your UV bulb will be rendered useless.

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How often to replace the quartz sleeve: every two years to five years (or until the quartz sleeve can no longer be descaled) Maintenance Tips Keep the chamber and quartz sleeve clean so particles don’t prevent the UV light from treating the water.

The replacement quartz sleeve can be cleaned with a mild soap. A replacement water filter can be used when the quart sleeve replacements can no longer be cleaned or if cracked. For installation instructions on the replacement quartz sleeve, please consult the owner’s manual (available on the UV20-3 product page) or consult one of our technicians.

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